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Barzilai Medical Center Website

 Barzilai Medical Center Website

Barzilai Delegation to Poland
A group of 50 employees from all sectors at Barzilai Medical Center went on a thrilling journey to Poland on 05/05/2013.
(IEC) for Barzilai Medical Center
On Sunday, 06/30/2013 an inauguration ceremony of Vela Ventilators took place at Barzilai Medical Center. The ventilators were contributed by the Employee of the Southern District of IEC.

Health ministry conference on patient experience
On Thursday, 31/05/2013 the Health Ministry held a conference on patient experience
Upgraded information system for the medical and nu
Barzilai Medical Center management made a strategic decision to promote and to improve service quality and at safety Barzilai Medical Center.
State Comptroller visited Barzilai Medical Center
On 11/27/2012 Israel State Comptroller Josef Haim Shapira visited Barzilai Medical Center as part of a tour in the south.
Heart rehabilitation program and physical activity
Joint exercise in nature social meetings and professional lectures are added to the regular program of rehabilitation heart patients at Barzilai Medical Center.
Dr. Chezy Levy, Mrs. Miller and board members duri
Barzilai Medical Center Medical Director and board members held a dedication ceremony and express their gratitude to Mrs. Rachel Miller.

Dr. Chezy Levy, Mrs. Marcie Natan and members of t
Leaders of Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America accepted an invitation from the Minister of Home Front Defense and came to Barzilai Medical Center to strengthen the staff and closely view the hospital deployment in crisis.

Employees celebrating peaceful moments
In gratitude and appreciation of the hospital staff efforts over last week events, the board has decided in collaboration with Sarel to provide the employees sweet and warm moments.

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