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Barzilai Medical Center Website

 Barzilai Medical Center Website

Donors and artists in the ceremony
In a moving ceremony attended by staff members, employees of the Child and Adolescent Unit, donors and children, murals donated by Anouk Foundation were inaugurated.

Dr. Helmaizer during procedure
Dr. Vladimir Helmaizer Head of Cardiac Electrophysiology Unit at Barzilai Medical Center implanted pacemakers in South Africa.
Clinic for hard healing wounds
New clinic for patients with hard cure wounds at the Barzilai Medical Center.
The Mashadi Persian Community in Great Neck adopts the Barzilai Medical Center
If you are like most, you’re always looking for a way to give back to our homeland of Israel.
Drug eluting balloon for treatment of peripheral v
New technique first performed at the angiography unit in the Barzilai Medical Center by Prof. Boris Yoffe, head of the General and Vascular Surgery department.
Barzilai and overseas Jewish communities
During the week of Sukkot, the Persian Jewish community in Great Neck, Long Island NY, hosted Dr. Yaron Nazarian, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon and Mrs. Lea Maloul, spokesperson of Barzilai Medical Center.
Christians for Israel donated 1,500,000 IS purchase emergency equipment to Barzilai Medical Center
During a special donation effort the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews led by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein raised 1,500,000 IS in order to purchase emergency equipment for Barzilai Medical Center
Chocolate Week at the children's ward
This is the second year of chocolate workshop at the children's educational section.
How 'medical clowns' can improve your health
"So what is a medical clown - and how can they help?
Hagar Hofesh is one of them". for more information click here

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